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February 19, 1942 was a day in history that changed the course of history for people of Japanese descent in the United States. Under Executive order 9066, President Roosevelt ordered them a threat to national security, following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and they were moved to assembly centers, and thereafter evacuated to various incarceration camps in remote areas of the United States. Personal belongings, businesses and homes were lost as people were forced to liquidate their assets in a few days and take only what they could carry to camp.

Prior to that, hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese immigrants suspected as cooperating with the Imperial Japan were arrested and taken to camps such as Tuna Canyon Detention Station, to await hearings. This included people of Japanese, German, Italian and Peruvian Japanese descent.

In viewing the names on the WWII Camp Walls, you get a sense of the vast number of people that were affected by these tragic events. It is a very important lesson in history that this cannot be allowed to happen to any group of people for any reason ever again.