The WWII Camp Wall needs your support. We are grateful to Assemblyman Muratsuchi for his efforts in obtaining $5 million in funding for this project. These funds will barely cover the cost of building the walls that will feature the approximately 160,000 names of individuals that were incarcerated during WWII.

The original vision also included the construction of display panels that will offer detailed information about the various camps and relocation centers. We hope to have a display panel for each of the War Relocation Authority (WRA) Camps with QR codes that will link to information on this website.

We would also like to offer the ability to download an audio tour of the WWII Camp Walls.

It is our goal to continue to educate. There is so much history in each and every name on the walls, and without education, we cannot prevent history from repeating itself. The boundaries to ways that we can educate are endless.

Please contact us should you be interested in sponsorship, or mail your tax deductible donation to us at:

WWII Camp Wall
P. O. Box 11236
Torrance, CA 90510